Class 6: Polish and Portfolio


This is it! My final class and assignment at Animation Mentor. I’m currently writing a review of the Animation Mentor experience and I will post it early next week.

Our main assignment for class 6 was to review the best shots in our body of character animation work, polish them up and edit together a demo reel. 

My mentor this term was Dreamworks Animating Supervisor, Sean Sexton. Each week Sean would review my animations for my demo reel and give me notes to improve them. Additionally, my main goal this term was to animate a new two person dialogue. I really wanted to animate a shot that felt sincere. 

Growing up, my families laughter was contagious. Most of my favorite childhood memories involved laughter with my family. I thought it would be really neat to capture those memories in my animation.

I grew up in Indiana and the lakes freeze over during the winter. Growing up my dad would take my brothers and I ice fishing. It involved a lot of candy, laughter and the best memories. Thank you Dad for awesome childhood memories. I am blessed and I cherish them.



Here is my video reference for my shot:

Here is the final animation: